Q1. What is AIRTALK?
AIRTALK is a Mobile Application that allows you to make calls to hometown or destination country numbers when you are overseas. Please download our AIRTALK ROAM Mobile App before departure.

Q2. Do I need to have AIRSIM before I can use AIRTALK?
You need to have an AIRSIM account to use AIRTALK. If you do not have AIRSIM yet, please purchase one in our Website.

Q3. Do I need registration in AIRTALK? If yes, how?
Verification of your mobile number is required during the registration. Please make sure that mobile number can receive SMS message. We recommend you to download our AIRTALK ROAM Mobile App and verify your mobile number before departure.

Q4. How can I purchase AIRTALK package?
You can purchase AIRTALK package in AIRSIM ROAM App. Upon arrival of your destination, you can use AIRTALK to make calls to hometown or destination country numbers.

Q5. What are the charges of AIRTALK?
You can select to add 30, 60 and 120 minutes AIRTALK package when you purchase data package with AIRSIM. If your purchase AIRTALK package independently, you can select 60 and 120 minutes package. The destinations are divided into Zone A, B and C which have different rates. Making calls are calculated in per-minute basis and deducted from your package. Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purpose.

Q6. Which destinations are included in Zone A, B and C?
The destinations covered by AIRTALK are divided into Zone A, B and C. AIRTALK Zone A includes the United States, Canada and some common Asia regions. Zone B includes Europe, the United States, Canada, Oceania and most of Asia regions. Zone C includes ALL AIRSIM supporting regions. Please find the details in our Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM.

Q7. What is the validity of AIRTALK package?
If you purchase AIRTALK with AIRSIM data package together, the validity is the same as AIRSIM data package. If you purchase AIRTALK package separately, the validity period is 30 days starting from activation date.

Q8. How can I make phone calls?
You need to use AIRTALK to make phone calls. Calling local and home numbers, you need to dial the country code and area code as well to make the calls. For example:
Calling Japan, Select Japan (+81) Enter the Number: 3 1234 5678 Call
Calling Malaysia, Select Malaysia (+60) Enter the number: 1 7234 5678 Call
Calling Hong Kong, Select Hong Kong (+852) Enter the number 2123 4567 Call

Q9. Why am I not able to hear any voice while using AIRTALK?
Please check the setup of your mobile phone to ensure you have allowed AIRTALK all the permissions to access Mobile Data, Notification and Microphone.

Q10. Can I still use AIRTALK if I change another mobile phone?
Please keep the AIRSIM card holder or take photo for the ICCID, A/C number and activation code on the back side of the card. You are required to register again when you change another mobile phone.